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Angst: It Gets Better - Simon


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  • Angst: It Gets Better - Danielle

    Danielle is a girl who at 12 enjoyed puddle-jumping with her friends but by 14 she was cutting and ended up in a mental hospital. As a story of molestation emerges, she struggles to recover. A story of betrayal, innocence loss, courage and recovery.

    Rick Stevenson as Writer/Director/Ex...

  • Angst: It Gets Better - Sam and Luke

    Sam and Luke are two brothers who love their family but have trouble with each other. Jealousy and depression factor in but when one steps out and does something kind for the other a new relationship emerges. A story that speaks to the power of family.

    Rick Stevenson as Writer/Director/...

  • Angst: It Gets Better - Darius

    Darius was born a ‘he’ but as adolescence approaches he feels more like a ‘she’ and makes a very bold decision. His/Her amazing journey thus far.

    Rick Stevenson as Writer/Director/Executive Producer
    Scilla Andreen as Executive Producer
    Karin Gornick as Executive Producer
    Kevin Klar ...

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