Ozzie & Harriet

Ozzie & Harriet

14 Seasons

As the sons age, we go through their teenage dating problems, marriage and careers.

Ozzie & Harriet
  • Ozzie & Harriet "The Pills"

    Episode 1

    Ozzie decides to diet so he can fit into a pair of size 38 pants.

  • Ozzie & Harriet "Halloween Party"

    Episode 2

    On Halloween night, Ozzie and Thorny make plans to attend a non-costume party as Satan and a Scotsman. Meanwhile Ricky and David attend a Halloween Party at school and the Nelson household is besieged by children demanding candy - or else.

  • Ozzie & Harriet Christmas "Late Christmas Gift"

    Episode 3

    It's Christmas Day at the Nelson's, a joyous occasion marked by one glitch - the catcher's mitt Ozzie ordered for Rick never arrived. That evening, Ozzie and Rick drive to another family named Nelson thinking that the package might have been delivered by mistake. The package isn't there, either, ...

  • Ozzie & Harriet "The Pancake Mix"

    Episode 4

    Hasty Tasty Pancake Company is offering a double-your-money-back guarantee, so Ricky decides to apply for a refund.

    Countries: United States of America

    Languages: English


    Ozzie Nelson as Director
    Don Nelson as Writer
    Ozzie Nelson as Producer