Ozzie & Harriet

Ozzie & Harriet

14 Seasons

As the sons age, we go through their teenage dating problems, marriage and careers.

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Ozzie & Harriet
  • Ozzie & Harriet "Ozzie, Joe and the Fashion Models"

    Episode 1

    Once again, Ozzie and Joe pull a gag in hopes of making their wives jealous. This time it involves taking photos of themselves posed in friendly positions with fashion models.

  • Ozzie & Harriet "The Swami"

    Episode 2

    Ozzie and Harriet decide to pull a prank on each other when Ozzie disguises himself as a swami fortune teller at a University Woman's Club function.

  • Ozzie & Harriet "A Wife in the Office"

    Episode 3

    David's wife June fills in at his office while his secretary is on vacation.

  • Ozzie & Harriet "A Letter About Harriet"

    Episode 4

    After the local newspaper prints a husband's love letter to his wife, Ozzie and Joe feel pressured by their wives to do the same.

    Countries: United States of America

    Languages: English


    Ozzie Nelson as Director
    Ozzie Nelson as Producer