Ozzie & Harriet

Ozzie & Harriet

14 Seasons

As the sons age, we go through their teenage dating problems, marriage and careers.

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Ozzie & Harriet
  • Ozzie & Harriet "A Ball of Tin Foil"

    Episode 1

    Ozzie rents a trailer to reduce closet clutter and take old belongings to the junkyard, but he cherishes much of the chattel, which he trades with neighbors. The neighbors' wives don't appreciate the junk, so it is all returned to Harriet. Ozzie eventually dumps all the items, including those rec...

  • Ozzie & Harriet "A Day in Bed"

    Episode 2

    Ozzie is determined to stay in bed all day, but he soon finds out that it's not going to be as easy as he had first imagined.