So Dark

So Dark

2 Episodes

Take a trip on the night train.

So Dark
  • So Dark Episode #1 "So Pretty"

    Episode 1

    Vampires in the modern world; what would it really be like? Would it be more like Twilight or more like Dracula? Take a trip on the night train in this short film that was shot on Red, produced for Stage 5 TV, and find out why the cursed don’t sparkle.

  • So Dark Episode #2 "So Dark"

    Episode 2

    Following his actions in the first episode “So Pretty”, Sean, a 200-year-old vampire with a conscience, has now been arrested for murdering a pedophile on a late-night Miami train. Unaware that they have a vampire in their custody, Miami Police hand the investigation over to F.B.I. agent Wilburn,...