13 Episodes

Max Fleischer and Famous Studios shorts from 1941-'43.

  • Superman "Showdown"

    Episode 1

    Oh no! A crook dressed as Superman commits a series of robberies. The real Superman must work fast to counter the bad publicity.

  • Superman "Magnetic Telescope"

    Episode 2

    When police interfere with a reckless scientist's experiment, it creates a deadly meteor shower only Superman can stop.

  • Superman "The Eleventh Hour"

    Episode 3

    While Clark Kent is in wartime Japan, Superman becomes a saboteur.

  • Superman "Electric Earthquake"

    Episode 4

    Superman versus a fanatical extortionist with an earthquake machine.

  • Superman "Billion Dollar Limited"

    Episode 5

    Superman battles train robbers seeking to steal a billion dollars worth of gold.

  • Superman "Terror on Midway"

    Episode 6

    While Clark and Lois are reviewing a circus, "Gigantic" the gorilla escapes and endangers Lois. In the resulting chaos, other dangerous animals escape also. A job for Superman?

  • Superman "Destruction Inc."

    Episode 7

    Superman versus saboteurs at the Metropolis Munitions Plant.

  • Superman "The Mummy Strikes"

    Episode 8

    While investigating an Egyptologist's mysterious death, Superman must battle dangerous mummies.

  • Superman "Volcano"

    Episode 9

    Superman must face the threat of an erupting volcano.

  • Superman "The Mad Scientist"

    Episode 10

    The Mad Scientist threatens to use his Electrothanasia-Ray to cause "total destruction" to the fools who had laughed at him. Lois Lane pilots an airplane to his mountaintop laboratory, but The Scientist has her bound and gagged before she knows it. He forces her to watch on a television screen as...

  • Superman "Bulleteers"

    Episode 11

    Superman versus extortionists with a super-powerful rocket car.

  • Superman "The Arctic Giant"

    Episode 12

    Superman versus a thawed-out Tyrannosaurus.

  • Superman "Mechanical Monster"

    Episode 13

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