The Dialogue

The Dialogue

10 Episodes

In these in-depth discussions some of today's most successful screenwriters share their work habits, methods and inspirations, secrets of the trade, and eye-opening stories from life in the trenches of the film business. It's powerful knowledge—straight from the source.

The Dialogue
  • The Dialogue - 1

    Episode 1

    David S. Goyer has a deliciously twisted mind - they don't call him "The Prince of Darkness" for nothing. And he knows how to bring comic book characters and superheroes to kicking, screaming, vengeful life, as he did in "The Crow: City of Angels", the "Blade" series, and "Batman Begins". His int...

  • The Dialogue - 10

    Episode 2

    There's no con more satisfying and lucrative than finding a way to make a living as a screenwriter. And Ted Griffin is a man who knows a good con. Anyone who tried to follow the clever criminal head games he built into his screenplays for "Ocean's Eleven" and "Matchstick Men" knows not to trust t...

  • The Dialogue - 11

    Episode 3

    Australian screenwriter Stuart Beattie is credited with having written the role no one ever thought they'd see Tom Cruise play: Vincent, the riveting homicidal hit man in Beattie's original screenplay, "Collateral", directed by Michael Mann ("The Insider", "Heat"). After 15 years in the business,...

  • The Dialogue - 13

    Episode 4

    Jose Rivera's pivotal screenplay for "The Motorcycle Diaries" was one of the most celebrated works of 2005. It earned him Writers Guild, BAFTA and Academy Award nominations, and was his first major screenplay. His foray into movies came after establishing himself as an award-winning playwright an...

  • The Dialogue - 15

    Episode 5

    John Hamburg is a very funny guy. After starting a humor magazine called The Dalton Lampoon in high school and making a popular comedic short film about "slacker bomb defusers" while attending NYU's graduate filmmaking program, Hamburg wrote and directed the crime comedy "Safe Men", which played ...

  • The Dialogue - 18

    Episode 6

    Writer, director, producer Marshall Herskovitz is one of the most prominent figures in film and television. With partner Ed Zwick, whom he met while attending the American Film Institute, Herskovitz has created and executive produced the highly-acclaimed television shows "thirtysomething" and "On...

  • The Dialogue - 20

    Episode 7

    David Seltzer knows Hollywood. He knows the business, the tricks of the trade and all the hidden truths. He's got the stories from working with Jacques Cousteau, penning the horror classic "The Omen" and adapting Roald Dahl's "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory". In addition to writing "Dragon...

  • The Dialogue - 22

    Episode 8

    While most writers find success in either TV or movies, comedy or drama, original or adapted screenplays, Ed Solomon has managed to do it all. He got his start in television sitcoms and went on to write quirky sci-fi comedies "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure" and "Men in Black", the crime dram...

  • The Dialogue - 23

    Episode 9

    An accomplished writer, producer and director, Peter Tolan is probably best known as co-creator of TV shows "The Job" and "Rescue Me", and co-writer of "Analyze This", and its sequel, "Analyze That". He started his career on the writing staff of television sitcoms and then became a writer and pro...

  • The Dialogue - 26

    Episode 10

    After graduating from Florida State, Robin Swicord made her start in copywriting and playwriting. She eventually migrated west where she has since set up shop as one of Hollywood's top screenwriters. Her first big-screen adaptation was of the Louisa May Alcott novel "Little Women", which starred ...