The Lucy Show

The Lucy Show

8 Episodes

The wacky misadventures of a forever scheming woman, her reluctant best friend and her cantankerous boss.

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The Lucy Show
  • The Lucy Show "Lucy, the Music Lover"

    Episode 1

    Lucy goes overboard to make the doctor she's dating believe she's as big a classical music lover as he is. Her elaborate plan was for nothing. When she invites her date over, he ends up making beautiful music with Viv. He's even planning to play violin in Viv's benefit recital--until Lucy crushes...

  • The Lucy Show "Lucy puts up a TV Antenna"

    Episode 2

    To save money, Lucy talks Vivian into helping her install a new TV antenna on the roof. The project becomes caos thanks to Lucy's general klutziness, Viv's fear of heights, broken windows, and new holes in the roof. The plan goes even more awry when Lucy gets stuck in the chimeny!

    Countries: Uni...

  • The Lucy Show "Lucy Builds a Rumpus Room"

    Episode 3

    Wanting a room to entertain their dates in, Lucy and Viv fix up the basement to make it into a living area. Hilarity ensues when they get stuck to the walls after applying heavy duty glue.

    Countries: United States of America

    Languages: English

    Lucille Ball as Lucy Carmichael
    Vivian Vanc...

  • The Lucy Show "Together for Christmas"

    Episode 4

    Lucy, Viv and the kids are spending their first Christmas together and Lucy and Viv do nothing but argue over their family's special traditions. But, the kids show Lucy and Viv the true meaning of Christmas.

    Countries: United States of America

    Languages: English

    Lucille Ball as Lucy Car...

  • The Lucy Show "Vivian Sues Lucy"

    Episode 5

    Viv trips over one of Jerry's toys and suffers a minor ankle injury. Upset that Lucy thinks she'd sue over this little mishap, Vivian decides to teach the Lucy a lesson. Exaggerating her injury and threatening to call her lawyer, Viv lounges in bed for a week, running Lucy ragged with petty deman...

  • The Lucy Show "Lucy's Sister Pays a Visit"

    Episode 6

    Lucy's sister shows up at her doorstep in the middle of the night after having an argument with her husband. Lucy is convinced their marriage is rocky because they didn't have a big wedding. So Lucy and Viv throw Lucy's sister the wedding she never had, getting drunk in the process!

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  • The Lucy Show "Lucy and her Electric Mattress"

    Episode 7

    After Viv's new vibrating mattress almost takes Lucy for a ride, they have to buy a new one. But before it arrives, Lucy and Viv have to spend the night in their sons bunk beds. With Viv's claustrophobia and Lucy not being able to get into the top bunk, this proves to be one hilarious episode.


  • The Lucy Show "Chris' New Year's Eve Party"

    Episode 8

    Chris doesn't want her mother to chaperon her New Year's eve party, so Lucy, Viv and the boys go out for the night and leave the chaperoning to Harry next door. When Harry calls Lucy at the restaurant in a panic, Lucy rushes to save the stale party with a classic Charlie Chaplin imitation.