The Zeitgeist Film Series

The Zeitgeist Film Series

3 Episodes

The Zeitgeist Film Series is about examining the world we share, the values we hold, the problems we face, along with what we can do to make it better.

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The Zeitgeist Film Series
  • Zeitgeist: The Movie

    Episode 1

    The central theme is how society is often misled when it comes to certain pivotal historical events, what those events serve in function, along with how the overall social conditioning patterns we see today function to create values and perspectives which support and perpetuate the static, establ...

  • Zeitgeist: Moving Forward

    Episode 2

    The majority of the world today have come to see basic flaws in the economic system we share. Large scale debt defaults, inflation, industrial pollution, resource depletion, rising cancer rates and other signposts have emerged to bring the concern into the realm of “public health”. The tendency i...

  • Zeitgeist: Addendum

    Episode 3

    Building upon the topics of social distortion and corruption, Addendum moves to also present possible solutions. Featured in the work is former “Economic Hit-man” and New York Times bestselling author, John Perkins, along with The Venus Project, an organization for social redesign created by Soci...