Abby and Tabby Alone in the Desert

Abby and Tabby Alone in the Desert

6 Episodes

Abby and Tabby are both on the run. When their paths cross, they form an unlikely friendship.

Abby and Tabby Alone in the Desert
  • Episode 1: Crash Landing

    Episode 1

    Abby’s trip is derailed when she see’s a meteor fall to Earth… and by what she finds inside.

  • Episode 2: Sisters

    Episode 2

    Abby gives Tabby a ride, unaware there’s someone else looking for Tabby.

  • Episode 3: Pudding

    Episode 3

    Abby discovers she may be harboring an alien fugitive, while her husband plans to get her back.

  • Episode 4: The Boat

    Episode 4

    The girls rest for the night in an abandoned boat and get to know each other.

  • Episode 5: I’m Sorry

    Episode 5

    Tabby’s cult and Abby’s husband meet up and decide to help each other out, while the girls clean up at a local hotel. CW: Domestic Violence

  • Episode 6: Escape

    Episode 6

    It’s a showdown in a diner parking lot as everyone converges to take the girls back home.