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Angst: It Gets Better

Angst: It Gets Better - Darius


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  • Angst: It Gets Better - Jade

    Jade, like many girls, grows up investing her self worth in her appearance. But she becomes more critical with every passing day and develops BDD(body dysmorphic disorder) where she looks in the mirror and sees a monster. She descends into a self-destructive abyss of promiscuity, alcohol and hero...

  • Angst: It Gets Better - Simon

    Simon is a kid who appears to have it all---smarts, looks, athletic ability, a great family. But all is not what it appears to be. Too sensitive for his new reality, he falls into an abyss from which most people never emerge. A story of family, loss, betrayal, self discovery and redemption.


  • Angst: It Gets Better - Danielle

    Danielle is a girl who at 12 enjoyed puddle-jumping with her friends but by 14 she was cutting and ended up in a mental hospital. As a story of molestation emerges, she struggles to recover. A story of betrayal, innocence loss, courage and recovery.

    Rick Stevenson as Writer/Director/Execu...