Cimarron Strip

Cimarron Strip

12 Episodes

Cimarron Strip is an American Western television series starring Stuart Whitman as U.S. Marshal Jim Crown. The series was produced by the creators of Gunsmoke and aired on CBS from September 1967 to March 1968.

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Cimarron Strip
  • Cimarron Strip: "Journey to a Hanging"

    Episode 1

    Crown leads a posse after Ace Coffin's gang. The posse is endangered by one of its members known as "Screamer" who is only interested in the bounty on Coffin's head.

    Director: Vincent McEveety

  • Cimarron Strip: "The Legend of Jud Starr"

    Episode 2

    Notorious outlaw Jud Star is rescued by his gang. Under Jud's leadership the outlaws raid the Cimarron Strip and use the Cherokee land as a haven.

    Director: Vincent McEveety

  • Cimarron Strip: "Broken Wing"

    Episode 3

    When a person is shot, Crown arrests the son of a prominent rancher. When the preacher recovers and refuses to press charges, a rabble-rousing saloon owner and his gun-toting sidekick try to organize a lynching party.

    Sam Wanamaker

  • Cimarron Strip: "The Battleground"

    Episode 4

    When Congress cancels government leases on range land used by the cattlemen, a range war breaks out between the ranchers and would-be settlers.

    Randy Boone as Francis Wilde
    Stuart Whitman as Marshal Jim Crown
    Percy Herbert as MacGregor

    Don Medford - Director
    Christopher Knopf - Scre...

  • Cimarron Strip: "Whitey"

    Episode 5

    A young outlaw kidnaps Dulcey so that he can avenge himself upon Marshal Crown and the gang leader who double-crossed him.

    Herschel Daugherty

  • Cimarron Strip: "The Roarer"

    Episode 6

    A hell-raising cavalryman's escapades cause trouble for both Marshal Jim Crown and his post commander. His destructive exploits lead to violence as he flouts not only the law but a vigilante committee formed to kill him.

    Director: Lamont Johnson

  • Cimarron Strip: "Till the End of Night"

    Episode 7

    While pursuing an escaped prisoner, MacGregor is arrested for murder by an old enemy of Marshal Crown's and is sentenced to be hanged. He escapes from jail with Sarah Lou Burke, another falsely accused prisoner. Crown tries to find the escapees before the vengeful posse can find and kill them.


  • Cimarron Strip: "The Deputy"

    Episode 8

    Marshall Crown hires a one-handed gunslinger as a deputy, not realizing the man has assumed the identity of a slain lawman and is intent on avenging himself on members of his former gang who abandoned him after he was wounded in a payroll hold-up.

    Randy Boone as Francis Wilde
    Stuart Whitma...

  • Cimarron Strip: "The Judgement"

    Episode 9

    Marshal Crown "sentences" a trail boss to the position of Deputy Marshal in a nearby town to run concurrently with the hard-labor sentences his men are serving for various crimes. A vindictive judge releases the hardcases hoping they will cause trouble for their former boss.

    Stuart Whitman...

  • Cimarron Strip: "Fool's Gold"

    Episode 10

    Marshal Crown and his posse thwart a payroll robbery and capture or kill all the entire outlaw gang.

    Herschel Daugherty

  • Cimarron Strip: "Knife in the Darkness"

    Episode 11

    Marshal Crown, during the course of an hauntingly foggy night, hunts for a killer who is butchering his victims.

    Charles R. Rondeau

  • Cimarron Strip: "Sound of a Drum"

    Episode 12

    Sergeant Clay Tice a free-wheeling cavalry veteran, clashes with his Sergeant-Major Chambers, a by-the-book disciplinarian. When the Sergeant-Major catches Tyce courting Dulcey at the Wayfarers Inn instead of searching for rustlers with his cavalry patrol, the junior non-com is given a choice of ...