In Absentia

In Absentia

5 Episodes

Dark. Mysterious. Visually captivating. This anthology of contemporary folk tales consists of drama, sci-fi, horror and a psychological thriller, as the characters are confronted with the absence of the material and intangible.

In Absentia
  • Episode 1: Stranded

    Episode 1

    A woman in her car gets stranded on a desert highway. In the extreme heat she begins to experience hallucinations that become entangled with reality.

  • Episode 2: Connect

    Episode 2

    A psychiatrist attempts to deal with his own demons when he has an unexpected visit from a new patient.

  • Episode 3: Waiting for Dawn

    Episode 3

    A woman awakens with the unsettling feeling that something is just not right. When she decides to step out for a jog, her suspicions are confirmed with the unimaginable.

  • Episode 4: Consious

    Episode 4

    A solitary man residing in a white room becomes enamored with the beauty of everyday objects. One day a woman reaches out to make contact resulting in an unexpected discovery.

  • Episode 5: The Anniversary

    Episode 5

    A couple's romantic escapade through golden fields suddenly takes a dark turn when both parties come to dramatically different realizations.