6 Episodes

The main hero of the story is a journalist Petr Vlcek (Matej Hádek) who deals with the scandal around major state-controlled enterprise. During his investigation, the journalist finds a controversial information about his own brother, who seems to be personally involved in the scandalous case.

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  • Mamon Ep 1

    Episode 1

    Using tips provided by Sophie, his anonymous source, journalist Petr Vlcek writes a story exposing bribery within Central Energy, a state-run company. The accusations point directly at Daniel Vlcek, Petr’s brother and CE’s CEO. Soon Daniel’s dead, and Petr wants to know why.

    Countries: Czech Rep...

  • Mamon Ep 2

    Episode 2

    Six months after his brother’s suicide, Petr refuses to cover anything to do with Central Energy for his paper. But he’s begun his own personal investigation, which leads him to a meeting with the new head of CE. The meeting turns bloody, convincing Petr there’s a conspiracy at work.

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  • Mamon Ep 3

    Episode 3

    Police investigate Petr’s involvement with Toman’s death, while Petr and Stella push deeper into Central Energy’s ties with foreign companies. Marie makes another big break that Max considers suspect. Petr’s contacted by a man with information about a secret organization.

    Countries: Czech Republ...

  • Mamon Ep 4

    Episode 4

    Petr tracks down a new lead who’s in fear for his life, while Michal tracks down his father’s past, straight to his old university. Toman’s wife is in fear for her children’s safety when a dangerous man demands she hand something over. When Eva learns of the threat, Petr’s warnings seem justified...

  • Mamon Ep 5

    Episode 5

    Spevacek gives Eva money to bail Petr out of jail. Stella learns about the Central Energy conspiracy via a similar scam pulled decades ago. Eva receives a video from Michal’s kidnappers, and Petr has to take a break from proving his innocence to help save him.

    Countries: Czech Republic


  • Mamon Ep 6

    Episode 6

    Things go wrong when Petr and Eva try to hand over the ransom. Now Petr must hunt down the last member of the Abraham Pact to save Michal, find Stella’s killer and bring the truth to light.

    Countries: Czech Republic

    Languages: Czech


    Vladimír Michálek as Director