2 Seasons

After auditioning for her dream school, 13-year-old Sammy makes a crucial choice that splits the path of her life in two. Flash forward twelve years: in one world, Sammy’s grown into Sam, a confident up-and-coming actress in a turbulent relationship with her girlfriend. In another world, she’s Samantha, an eager assistant director living a life of routine with her longtime boyfriend.

  • Dominoes (Hebrew)

    Episode 1

    An early decision in Sammy’s life creates a split in her world, sending her off on two parallel paths into alternate futures.

  • Bigger Plans (Hebrew)

    Episode 2

    Sam and Samantha are surprised by Meyers’ news. They both end up at the same bar, where Sam meets a stranger. Or is he?

  • Too Good (Hebrew)

    Episode 3

    Samantha gathers the courage to ask Meyers for an audition. Sam feels great about her own prospects following an audition. They both visit the same bookshop, where Samantha meets someone she doesn't know. Or does she?

  • Lost One (Hebrew)

    Episode 4

    Samantha is excited to prepare for her audition, but needs to contend with some distractions. Sam sinks into depression and asks Emma to come over to her apartment.

  • Little Party (Hebrew)

    Episode 5

    Samantha has a dream that takes her by surprise. Emma finally arrives at Sam’s apartment, only to find out there’s someone else there.

  • Truest Version (Hebrew)

    Episode 6

    Sam finds gratification in helping another. Matthew surprises Samantha with a grand gesture. In the series finale, the differences between Sam and Samantha begin to fade.