The Artist Toolbox

The Artist Toolbox

14 Episodes

The Artist Toolbox is Executive Producer Greg Moga's half-hour long interview show hosted by John Jacobsen.

The Artist Toolbox
  • The Artist Toolbox - David Garrett

    Episode 1

    "One, two, three, four..." In this premiere episode of The Artist Toolbox, come and listen to the gypsy strings of the dazzling David Garrett. Sit in on a private rehearsal with the virtuoso violinist, known in Britain as "the David Beckham of classical music." Follow Garrett's rollercoaster roma...

  • The Artist Toolbox - Isabel Allende

    Episode 2

    Join host John Jacobsen in the lush Marin County home of Isabel Allende, the most widely-read writer in the Spanish language. John Jacobsen delves between the lines to reveal Allende's disarming sensuality and joy for life amid the personal losses and challenges that have made her work so irresis...

  • The Artist Toolbox - John Legend

    Episode 3

    In this episode of The Artist Toolbox, get a taste of the performance chops of six-time Grammy Award-winning recording artist John Legend with host John Jacobsen. Meet this charming, caring, and disarming man in his Manhattan home where he plays his baby grand in a rare, one-on-one talk with John...

  • The Artist Toolbox - Isabel & Ruben Toledo

    Episode 4

    Join host John Jacobsen as he strolls through Isabel's atelier, and take a peek at the eclectic New York studio of her husband Ruben Toledo, as he creates. Two of the peak designers working today, Isabel and Ruben Toledo represent a quarter century of being in love and building their potent desig...

  • The Artist Toolbox - Irina Dvorovenka & Maxim Beloserkovsky

    Episode 5

    Irina Dvorovenko and Maxim Beloserkovsky are perhaps ballet's greatest couple ever. Discover the graceful magnetism and life-long struggle of two artists who have embraced and mastered both individually and together the discipline and fluidity of their art.

    Countries: United States of America


  • The Artist Toolbox - Tom Skerritt

    Episode 6

    Join the handsome Emmy Award-winning actor Tom Skerritt in his Seattle home and walk with him and The Artist Toolbox host John Jacobsen to Tom's daily stop at his favorite Seattle coffee house. Skerritt has been a presence in American film and television for over half a century, starting his care...

  • The Artist Toolbox - Zang Toi

    Episode 7

    With just a modest collection of bright sarongs, strong suits and regal dresses--and an irresistible charm--young Zang Toi opened his own atelier in New York and instantly made a name for himself among fashion's elite. Since these ambitious beginnings, he has become the favorite designer of style...

  • The Artist Toolbox - Sam Gilliam

    Episode 8

    Sam Gilliam reveals how, in his early works on canvas, he began adding several layers of multiple media, single-handedly creating a signature, a now classic and often copied, art form. Fearlessly exploring new materials while maintaining a consistent commitment to long-standing principles of art,...

  • The Artist Toolbox - Massimo & Lella Vignelli

    Episode 9

    Join host John Jacobsen at the design table of Massimo and Lella Vignelli to discuss the art of balance and problem-solving in their award-winning work in industrial and product design, graphic design, book, magazine and packaging design, furniture design and more, including the jewelry that Lell...

  • The Artist Toolbox - Hugh Newell Jacobsen

    Episode 10

    In this episode of The Artist Toolbox, walk with the award winning architect Hugh Newell Jacobsen, through his Georgetown office to discuss a career in ground-breaking architecture half a century strong. Described as "one of the world's 50 top architects" by Architectural Digest, he has designed ...

  • The Artist Toolbox - Daniel Boulud

    Episode 11

    Meet one of the best chefs in the world, the articulate and always charming Daniel Boulud. Watch Boulud work his magic in the kitchen and dining room of his famed restaurant, Daniel, and discover his masterful and inspirational balance between the art of French cooking and a flair for running a m...

  • The Artist Toolbox - Ramsey Lewis

    Episode 12

    "Jazz is an expression of the feeling that you have at that moment," says legendary jazz pianist Ramsey Lewis, discussing his art and playing in his Chicago studio. Lewis, with firm roots in gospel and who studied classical from a young age, has released 80 jazz albums over a 50-year career, maki...

  • The Artist Toolbox - Steve Tyrell

    Episode 13

    Join John Jacobsen as he travels to the infamous Café Carlyle in New York City to talk with the Grammy Award winning producer and legendary standards singer, Steve Tyrell. With his breakthrough performance in "Father of the Bride", Steve Tyrell reinvented and re-popularized classic pop standards ...

  • The Artist Toolbox - Jason Alexander

    Episode 14

    In this episode, join host John Jacobsen in the beautifully-remodeled Saban Theatre in Los Angeles as he attempts to crack up classic funny-man Jason Alexander, perhaps best known as George Costanza from the ground-breaking sitcom, "Seinfeld."

    Countries: United States of America