The Change Series

The Change Series

3 Episodes

What is it really like to live on just $1 a day?

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The Change Series
  • The Change Series- Episode 1: The First Step

    Episode 1

    Today, we are setting out on the most intense experience of our lives- to live in extreme poverty, on just $1 a day for 56 days. We're traveling from the U.S. to the small village of Peña Blanca in rural Guatemala. There are so many things we don't know about the next two months. What will we eat...

  • The Change Series- Episode 2: Water From a Pipe

    Episode 2

    After finding that the closest source of water is a plastic pipe coming out of the side of a hill, we aren’t sure if its safe to drink. Two weeks later, Chris is lying sick and immobile on the dirt floor and we’re not sure if we be able to afford the cost of a doctor or medicine. Is not having cl...

  • The Change Series- Episode 3: Hunger and Tortillas

    Episode 3

    Cooking without a microwave or stove is harder than we thought! After eating just one bowl of rice and beans every day, we aren’t feeling so good and Zach even passes out on the floor. Our neighbor, Rosa Solares, teaches us about how she uses lard and makes tortillas out of corn. Eating more calo...