The Newtown Girls

The Newtown Girls

10 Episodes

While finding a job isn't that hard, finding your soul mate is a whole other story.

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The Newtown Girls
  • The Newtown Girls - Season 1 (Episode 1: I'm Home)

    Episode 1

    Scarlet arrives home after spending a year in South East Asia mending a broken heart. Not only is she back, but she knows exactly what she wants. In fact she has a list, of all the things she needs to be happy, including finding her soul mate. When she shows up on her best friend Alex's doorstep ...

  • The Newtown Girls - Season 1 (Episode 2: Dress Up)

    Episode 2

    Things are going well for Scarlet, she's over her jet-lag and she's even managed to tick a few things off her list. She's enjoying work at the bookshop, she's found a yoga studio close to home and she's set up her twitter account. However, she's not having much luck finding her soul mate. So Scar...

  • The Newtown Girls - Season 1 (Episode 3: The Justin Bieber Look)

    Episode 3

    Still reeling from the "Xena incident", Scarlet's found it difficult to keep up the pure, healthy, Zen lifestyle she vowed to live on her return to Newtown. It takes a drunken epiphany for her to realise that her body is a temple and she has to treat it as such. She also realises she's not going ...

  • The Newtown Girls - Season 1 (Episode 4: The Puppy Episode)

    Episode 4

    Minus the Justin Bieber wig, Scarlet jumps online to try and find her soul mate, but an empty inbox tests her patience. She wants to do something and she wants to do it now. And then it hits her -- lesbians love dogs! If she can get her hands on a dog, the girls won't be able to stay away. She ma...

  • The Newtown Girls - Season 1 (Episode 5: Juicy)

    Episode 5

    Scarlet asks Alex to be her wingman for the evening at Newtown's inaugural lesbian book club, but Alex is somewhat sceptical of the potential for picking-up. Hoping to impress, Scarlet is hastily trying to finish the book on time, but as the hours tick down the task becomes that much more difficu...

  • The Newtown Girls - Season 1 (Episode 6: Balls)

    Episode 6

    The book club went well and Scarlet made some new friends, but alas there were no love connections made (for her at least). With an updated online-dating profile, she is already getting a stack of hits; as it turns out lesbians like sports, which now Scarlet likes too! But her next adventure into...

  • The Newtown Girls - Season 1 (Episode 7: It's a Date)

    Episode 7

    So it turns out that chicks do dig scars... or maybe just cute women in distress! Now that Scarlet has recovered from her minor head wound she is looking to make lemonade from lemons and seize her opportunities. She has got herself a hot date (the first one in over a year) and she's pulling out a...

  • The Newtown Girls - Season 1 (Episode 8: Super Green)

    Episode 8

    It seems envy is in the air for everyone but Scarlet, who is still on a high from her new romance with Dr Lexie. Scarlet's loving the lovin' feeling, but Alex isn't thrilled with this sudden and Scarlet-typical move. Will Scarlet heed her friend's advice or will tensions flare between the two bes...

  • The Newtown Girls - Season 1 (Episode 9: At the Vanishing Point- Part 1)

    Episode 9

    Scarlet's feeling on top of the world and is walking around on her private little cloud 9. Everything is wonderful! She's loving her job, she's made new friends, and oh yeah, she has Lexie. It's her birthday and Alex has something special planned but no one will tell her what it is, not even Lexi...

  • The Newtown Girls - Season 1 (Episode 10: At the Vanishing Point- Part 2)

    Episode 10

    Just when she thought she finally had her life under control, Scarlet's world gets tipped upside down. It seems everyone is vying for a place at Scarlet's side and now Scarlet must choose between old love, new love and a love that she never expected. What does Scarlet really want? Will she follow...