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Missing - EP7


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  • Missing - EP8

    Sean immediately regrets his decision to tell Lynn about Sam. Just as he feared, Lynn struggles to accept Sean's confession. In the meantime, Aut gets a breakthrough in Hathai's rape case. As the main witness in the rape case, Lynn's life is in danger as she prepares to identify the rapist. Once ...

  • Missing - EP9

    Lynn confronts the mysterious man and ends up with more questions than answers. Aunt Su continues to insist she knows nothing about what really happened to Lynn’s father. Lynn has no choice but to find out the truth herself. A very different Hathai turns up at the police station declaring that sh...

  • Missing - EP10

    Aunt Su cannot hold Lynn off any longer and tells Robert the inevitable is about to happen. When Robert finds out Sean is the brother of one of the missing boys, he is more determined to break up his daughter’s relationship with Sean. In the meantime, just as things for Sean are looking up, Rosli...