15 Episodes

Thirty years ago, Sean’s brother, Sam, went missing. Having since worked his way up and been commissioned as an Inspector in the CID’s Special Investigation Section, Sean gained access to narrow down his search to Bangkok, Thailand in hope of reuniting with his long-lost brother. On one such trip, Sean encounters Lynn, a jaded, self-serving tour leader who makes him out to be a pervert and child kidnapper, and gets him arrested. There they meet Aut, a high-flying, hot-shot Thai Inspector who seems to care more about his image than police work and, at the same time, is suspiciously familiar with the local gangs. Thus their lives collided and become intertwined, and what started as one man’s search for his brother, quickly turns into a dangerous foray into the underbelly of an international human trafficking syndicate.

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  • Missing - EP1

    Episode 1

    A 12 year-old boy, Kelvin, goes missing from a tour group and the tour guide, Lynn, is forced to help search for him. She meets Sean, an officer of the Special Investigations Section (SIS) branch of the CID in Singapore, who is also in Bangkok conducting his own missing person’s search. Their col...

  • Missing - EP2

    Episode 2

    The relationship dynamics between Sean, Lynn and Aut changes drastically when the truth behind Aut’s previous actions come to light, and their combined efforts to find Kelvin intensifies. The path to finding the truth isn’t going to be an easy one, and very well might cost Kelvin his life.

  • Missing - EP3

    Episode 3

    Lynn flies back to Singapore to find herself looking for yet another missing person, her teenage cousin Joanna who has suddenly disappeared. Lynn tries to get Sean to help her but their friendship turns sour when he makes things worse for her instead. Turning to the Crime Library for help, Lynn f...

  • Missing - EP4

    Episode 4

    Sean is tasked to identify the remains of a skeleton that was buried thirty years ago. As the list of possibilities slowly narrows, Sean is forced to face the fact that what he believed about his father may not be the truth after all. Promises of wealth and fame lure Hathai to Singapore and she's...

  • Missing - EP5

    Episode 5

    After having autopsy reports confirm the death of his father, Sean moves on to find the person who killed him. Meanwhile, feeling great remorse for ignoring Hathai, Aut flies to Singapore in a desperate, blind search of her, unaware of just how much danger she’s really in. With both men being sto...

  • Missing - EP6

    Episode 6

    Sean and Aut manage to rescue Lynn and Hathai from Pakkapong’s clutches, but not before Hathai suffered the most horrendous violation. Both men are wracked with guilt at having failed to adequately protect their respective charges, and begin to find support and understanding in each other. Hathai...

  • Missing - EP7

    Episode 7

    After much searching, Aut has finally managed to track down Karnda, and Sean rushes down to Bangkok to meet her. From her, he learns a great deal about the circumstances surrounding his father’s disappearance. Meanwhile, Lynn constantly second-guesses herself as to how she should approach her bud...

  • Missing - EP8

    Episode 8

    Sean immediately regrets his decision to tell Lynn about Sam. Just as he feared, Lynn struggles to accept Sean's confession. In the meantime, Aut gets a breakthrough in Hathai's rape case. As the main witness in the rape case, Lynn's life is in danger as she prepares to identify the rapist. Once ...

  • Missing - EP9

    Episode 9

    Lynn confronts the mysterious man and ends up with more questions than answers. Aunt Su continues to insist she knows nothing about what really happened to Lynn’s father. Lynn has no choice but to find out the truth herself. A very different Hathai turns up at the police station declaring that sh...

  • Missing - EP10

    Episode 10

    Aunt Su cannot hold Lynn off any longer and tells Robert the inevitable is about to happen. When Robert finds out Sean is the brother of one of the missing boys, he is more determined to break up his daughter’s relationship with Sean. In the meantime, just as things for Sean are looking up, Rosli...

  • Missing - EP11

    Episode 11

    Affected by the shocking discoveries, Lynn falls out completely with Aunt Su. Sean’s mental health is a cause of concern, and this results in his suspension from the police force. Lynn on the other hand, suspects that Aunt Su leaked out Sean’s condition. Back in Thailand, Aut gets a new case of d...

  • Missing - EP12

    Episode 12

    Lynn persuades her father Robert to search for Sean’s missing brother. In doing so, Robert is forced to confront with his old demons and Lynn begins to feel pangs of empathy for her father. William meets with Damien Paulo, a suave businessman who promises him a new kidney. Lynn finds out about Wi...

  • Missing - EP13

    Episode 13

    Lynn couldn’t stop Sean from finding out the dark connection between their fathers, and their already strained relationship is further tested. Pakkapong once again displays his ruthlessness when he cuts a deal with Damien to carry on their trafficking despite Sirichai’s orders to lay low. Fulfill...

  • Missing - EP14

    Episode 14

    Pakkapong kidnaps Lynn, and offers her life in exchange for information that Sean has gathered on The Eye. Sean has no choice but to accede to Pakkapong’s demands, even though he knows he’s likely walking into a trap. Buying himself more insurance, he forces Hathai to kill Aut. And when the time ...

  • Missing - EP15 | Finale

    Episode 15

    Sean now has to contend with Pakkapong’s checkered past, shunning Aut’s advice, he chooses to help his brother and together, the siblings hatch a plan to bring Sirichai down while, at the same time, removing all traces of Pakkapong’s involvement with The Eye. Just as Sean is ready to put the past...