Wapos Bay

Wapos Bay

26 Episodes

The stop-motion adventures of a family on a reservation in Northern Saskatchewan.

Wapos Bay
  • Wapos Bay Ep1: "There's No 'I' in Hockey"

    Episode 1

    Wapos Bay – “There’s No "I" In Hockey” is a unique stopmotion production for family audiences and children ages 5-10. The film begins as the community of Wapos Bay prepares for their Winter Festival. A rival hockey team and their young captain catches the eye of Talon and T-Bear who must learn h...

  • Wapos Bay Ep2: "Journey Through Fear"

    Episode 2

    T-Bear and Jacob receive some surprising fame while stranded atop the fire lookout tower. Raven must overcome her fear of water in order to do traditional gathering activities with her mother, Sarah.

  • Wapos Bay Ep3: "They Dance at Night"

    Episode 3

    Raven learns to whistle and tests fate by whistling at the northern lights after being told the cultural story against it. T-Bear learns the protocol of picking sweet grass for the elders.

  • Wapos Bay Ep4: "Something to Remember"

    Episode 4

    T-Bear learns the significance of his Mushom (grandfather) being a war veteran. Raven has mixed emotions when her favorite teacher has to move away.

  • Wapos Bay Ep5: "A Time to Learn"

    Episode 5

    Talon must finish his homework for school on time in order to go on the trap line with his father Alphonse. T-Bear and Mushom have difficulties in training the leader of the pack of the dog sled.

  • Wapos Bay Ep6: "The Elements"

    Episode 6

    Talon, Raven and T-Bear help their Mushom (Grandfather) set up the Elders and Youth Winter Cultural Camp. A sudden snowstorm strands them as Mushom must walk back to town for help.

  • Wapos Bay Ep7: "All's Fair"

    Episode 7

    Tryouts for the Aboriginal Winter Games hockey team are taking place when a new student, Elue Wetaluk, an Inuit boy comes to Wapos Bay. T-Bear feels threatened at his athletic ability and becomes very competitive, while Talon befriends Elues visiting cousin, Jordin Tootoo and invites him on the t...

  • Wapos Bay Ep8: "As the Bannock Browns"

    Episode 8

    The Carnival comes to Wapos Bay and T-Bear is smitten by the Carnival owner’s daughter, Evelyn and will do anything to help out at the Carnival. T-Bears dad, Jacob, tries everything to keep his son away from the ‘Carnies’, as he calls them because of his own earlier experiences. Raven is bed ridd...

  • Wapos Bay Ep9: "Guardians"

    Episode 9

    T-Bear, Talon, Jacob and Mushom think they have videotaped a Bigfoot around Wapos Bay. Jacob and T-Bear try to sell the footage for six million dollars to Steve from Austin, Texas (Lee Majors), who works for the O.S.I. (Observation of Saskwatch Institute). Raven learns about sharing with her moth...

  • Wapos Bay Ep10: "All Access"

    Episode 10

    A distant cousin, Betty, visits Wapos Bay. Betty is in a wheelchair because of Osteogenesisimperfecta (Brittle Bone disease) and T-Bear tries to avoid her because he knows he plays too rough.

  • Wapos Bay Ep11: "As Long as the River Flows"

    Episode 11

    T-Bear becomes a hero when he campaigns to raise money for more elder programs in Wapos Bay after Talon suggests it to him. Talon becomes jealous after T-Bear gats all the attention and does not mention him. T-Bear must learn to give credit where credit is due.

  • Wapos Bay Ep12: "Tricks 'n' Treats"

    Episode 12

    Raven has more fun than she expected on Halloween as the elders of the community tell the children the scary story of the woman of the woods.

  • Wapos Bay Ep13: "The Hunt"

    Episode 13

    The community of Wapos Bay is celebrating Kohkum Mary’s nomination for a lifetime Aboriginal Accomplishment Award. Mushom, Jacob, Talon and T-Bear must go hunting a Moose for the traditional honour feast. T-Bear helps an old hunter, Gabriel, who accidentally shoots a mother moose, which orphans h...

  • Wapos Bay Ep14: "A Mother's Earth"

    Episode 14

    Everyone is honoured and happy that Talon and T-Bear are asked to be Old Man Gabriel’s sweat lodge helpers. After awhile T-Bear is exhausted and unhappy at how much work it is and starts becoming disinterested. When Raven has to write a school report about her identity she gets disappointed becau...

  • Wapos Bay Ep15: "Going for Gold"

    Episode 15

    Talon dreams of winning gold for Wapos Bay in the North American Indigenous Games. He can’t decide which event and leaves it T-Bear and Devon to help. When Talon realizes that his dream competing golf he enlists Jacob to train him. Jacob agrees to the training and forgets T-Bear’s birthday. This ...

  • Wapos Bay Ep16: "Raven Power"

    Episode 16

    Raven convinces the women of Wapos Bay to leave the village after deciding the men were taking them for granted. The men wake to find life very different with no women and turn to Jacob to take care of the entire village. The women create their own retreat and teach skills to the young girls and ...

  • Wapos Bay Ep17: "Lights, Camera, Action!"

    Episode 17

    Talon and T-Bear are at odds about how to make a video project on the history of Wapos Bay for the up coming Treaty Day celebrations. Adam Beach comes to Wapos Bay to mentor the aspiring filmmakers. Talon and T-Bear learn that collaboration is a valuable lesson. Raven has difficulty trying to s...

  • Wapos Bay Ep18: "Dance, Dance"

    Episode 18

    T-Bear learns he can follow his dream when he becomes interested in Metis dancing, much to the chagrin of his father, Jacob, who would rather see T-Bear follow his own dream of becoming an Olympic wrestler. Talon and Raven learn that eavesdropping doesn’t give you all the facts. They overhear a ...

  • Wapos Bay Ep19: "Raiders of the Lost Art"

    Episode 19

    T-Bear, Talon and Devon become disheartened to learn that someone is spray painting graffiti on Wapos Bay property and are determined to stop them. Their investigation leads them to some strange characters and even stranger detective methods. Raven plans her 7th birthday party with her friends ...

  • Wapos Bay Ep20: "Hardest Lesson"

    Episode 20

    T-Bear learns that the memory of his mother is important after he tries to find his father a new wife. T-Bear and Jacob wear their pink shirts to support breast cancer research and T-Bear decides that his father should get remarried. So he enlists the help of Talon and Devon to find the potential...

  • Wapos Bay Ep21: "Dance Monkey, Dance"

    Episode 21

    T-Bear gets a new videogame called “Dance Monkey Dance” in order to practice for his class dance. He lets his father try the game and suddenly Jacob seems obsessed. When T-Bear, Talon, and Devon go to school they discover that their dance has been cancelled due to a teacher conference. The boy...

  • Wapos Bay Ep22: "Self-Improvement"

    Episode 22

    T-Bear is tired of things not working like they are supposed to around his house. He learns about the Mike Holmes show where home repair is just a phone call away. Talon gets behind in his homework and takes Devon’s suggestion of skipping school in order to catch up on his work. They find that p...

  • Wapos Bay Ep23: "Patients"

    Episode 23

    Talon, T-Bear and Devon are bored and want to go to the beach along the river to swim, but Mushom becomes ill and cannot take them. Uncle Peter decides to help the boys, but they have to collect the fish from the nets first. Raven goes on a girls summer camp and gets caught up in the gossip abou...

  • Wapos Bay Ep24: "A Time for Pride"

    Episode 24

    T-Bear, Talon and Devon are bored. Jacob overhears this and decides to take them on a tour of the exciting, bustling community of Wapos Bay. When the tour does not quite go as planned, T-Bear must chose to give up on his dad’s tour or go with Talon and Devon. Jacob’s plan to instill pride in t...