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Missing - EP6

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Missing - EP5


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  • Missing - EP6

    Sean and Aut manage to rescue Lynn and Hathai from Pakkapong’s clutches, but not before Hathai suffered the most horrendous violation. Both men are wracked with guilt at having failed to adequately protect their respective charges, and begin to find support and understanding in each other. Hathai...

  • Missing - EP7

    After much searching, Aut has finally managed to track down Karnda, and Sean rushes down to Bangkok to meet her. From her, he learns a great deal about the circumstances surrounding his father’s disappearance. Meanwhile, Lynn constantly second-guesses herself as to how she should approach her bud...

  • Missing - EP8

    Sean immediately regrets his decision to tell Lynn about Sam. Just as he feared, Lynn struggles to accept Sean's confession. In the meantime, Aut gets a breakthrough in Hathai's rape case. As the main witness in the rape case, Lynn's life is in danger as she prepares to identify the rapist. Once ...